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web design

I specialise in the creation of  beautiful eye catching websites that captivate the end user. Content may be the most important element in any website but presenting it in a way that engages your audience is essential in todays competitive on-line world.

For many people, setting up a website can be a daunting and confusing task but it does not have to be that way. I can help with all of the design elements, whether it is photography, illustration, video or music as well as the initial setup of choosing a domain name and hosting package. I offer full support where required and can guide you through setting up a blog, social networks, web service accounts and more. I can help you take your first steps in to e-commerce too with a fully manageable shop using the Presta platform.

I can also produce multiplatform websites that are optimised separately for viewing on computers, tablets and smartphones. The web browser will auto detect the platform and switch to the relevant device layout.


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Having your own little space on the world wide web is a great way to share your interests not only with family and friends but also to the world at large. Some people like to have a platform to air their views, some like to show off their latest craft projects to the world. No matter what you want to say I can get you started.

Blogging is a huge phenomenon and many websites are based on this platform alone whilst others use it within their main website to keep people up to date on the latest happenings. I use my business blog to show off my latest work whilst I have another for airing my views on the world!

From simple Tumblr or Blogger accounts through to full on Wordpress blogs, I can set you up and get you started.

social networks

Most of us have personal social networks these days to keep up with the latest gossip but many people under estimate the power of these networks in a business sense. Most are pretty easy to set up yourself and I would encourage it whole heartedly as it does not take too much effort. However, content is important and so is the look and feel of it. I create headers and graphics for social networks as well as manage social media for various clients.

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