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Bespoke Music Production

I write, perform and produce bespoke music sound tracks for a wide variety of uses such as film production, web video, jingles and presentations. Whilst you can download royalty free music from many resources on the web you will not find many, if any that will write and produce bespoke music for your project at a reasonable cost. If your project or product is unique then surely the music that accompanies it should also be unique and exclusive to you?

Written, performed and recorded exclusively in my digital music studio I can produce almost any style of music from classical to rock, electro to rap. I work closely with all of my clients to ensure that the sound compliments their service or product.

I also work with solo artists and groups in many differing ways from actually writing and producing songs for them to perform all the way through to helping with their public image through photography, web design and more. I thoroughly enjoy helping unsigned artists and bands with the material, whether musically or graphically, to help them break into the music career path they so yearn for.

Sanity Bypass

Sample tracks from my self written, performed and produced album called Safety Pin

Ground Zero

Safety Pin

Remember my Name

Back to the 80's

Music for media

These sample tracks are more about self indulgence than anything else as I love 80's style music, although many have appeared in various videos across the web.

The following examples were produced for various web and video projects.

Sombre Story

Epic Enlightenment

Come On

2000 People on the Dance Floor



Welcome to my World


I started playing and writing music at a very early age and was always encouraged by my parents no matter how bad it sounded! As a teenager I earned a scholarship into Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London where I studied trumpet, piano and music theory which gave me a fantastic foundation for my musical career. In my later teens I joined a band called Keetah which were voted best band in the area for many years in a row.

I have played with a variety of other musicians both socially and professionally and now have my own digital studio where I produce music for film, video and web. I also write, record and produce music for other individuals whilst also writing 2 solo albums set for release soon.

I can play most instruments to some degree but my main instruments are synth and guitar. I use Logic Pro for most of my recording along with professional grade hardware for analogue instruments.